Complete and Partial Dentures

Complete (Full) Dentures

For those individuals who are missing all of their teeth in either the upper jaw or lower jaw, a complete Full Upper or complete Full Lower denture is an affordable option to restore your smile.

A complete denture is a prosthetic appliance made from highly esthetic resin teeth set in an acrylic base that intimately fits over your upper and/or lower jaw bones.

The dentist, through a series of appointments, takes impressions (molds) of your upper and lower jaws. The denture teeth are positioned to provide maximum function, esthetics, phonetics and comfort. After skillful adjustment, the dentures seat comfortably in your mouth providing a confident smile while allowing you to speak and eat normally.

Speak to one of our dentists to find out more about Full Upper/ Full Lower dentures and if this is the right treatment option choice for you.

Partial Dentures

For individuals who have multiple missing teeth , a Partial Denture may be the solution for you. Spaces in your mouth, in most cases, may be restored with crowns, bridges or implant prosthetics. For some individuals this may not be possible. When this is the case, the partial denture is the recommended treatment of choice.

Similar to a complete denture, a series of appointments are needed to take impressions (molds), set teeth, try in the denture and make the necessary adjustments. The final result will be an esthetic appliance that is retentive and comfortable.

There are several types of partial dentures. Some have teeth set in pink acrylic (to mimic the gums) which is attached to a metal framework with clasps. Other types do not have a metal framework and the teeth are set in pink acrylic which sits on the gums.